Word / Letter Cutouts


Custom word or Letter cut outs available in many fonts. Cursive or Print anything is possible. Minimum Order Quantity of 5 words applies.

For larger text email us at sales@rusticlaserart.co.za

Perspex Available in Black, White or Clear.

When painting we don’t guarantee a colour match to a colour provided, although we try to get it close.



For Large Lists of Word Cut outs Upload an Excel file Here

(max file size 2 MB)

Upload any design inputs you may have here.

Use PDF, DOCX or XLSX formats.

(max file size 2 MB)

Special Additional Notes

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Wooden letters and much more!

Looking for Wooden letters or word cut outs for your Wedding, Party or Baby Room, contact us for word cut outs in many different materials.

This can be used for a new babies?room decoration or if you have not progressed to that stage of your relationship yet then you may want to use them at your wedding, alternatively, if you are just having a party and want to have your name against the wall then we can also help.


1. What materials do we have available?

We can make word cut outs from, MDF(Medium Density Fibre Board).

2. What thickness material can they be?

We can cut MDF up to 6mm and acrylic up to 6mm thick.

2. How can I get them?

Send us your enquiry for a custom quotation.

Review our order process here

Additional information

Text Size & Thickness

4cm High(3mm MDF), 5cm High(3mm MDF), 4cm High(6mm MDF), 5cm High(6mm MDF), 4cm High(3mm Perspex), 5cm High(3mm Perspex), 4cm High(3mm MDF Painted), 5cm High(3mm MDF Painted), 4cm High(6mm MDF Painted), 5cm High(6mm MDF Painted)


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